DFW Ghostbusters Lapel Pins NOW AVAILABLE!

We’re thrilled to announce that we now have our exclusive DFW Ghostbusters Lapel Pins available for purchase, right here on our website, for only $10.00 each!

Produced by the extremely talented Proton Pins and available exclusively through us, the DFW Ghostbusters Lapel Pin is a hard metal/enamel pin that features brilliant silver detailing on top of the blue and white logo that our team has sported for a decade. The pin measures 1.5 inches, is heavy-duty and extremely durable, and features twin clasps on the back to prevent it from spinning.

Proceeds raised by this pin go toward funding our group’s purchase of convention tables, printed materials, helping to fund our website, and helping us produce even more goodies for you.

You can get yours over in our Merch Store now, and it’s the first of several new items that we’ll be making available to help build up our group’s funding (and therefore, our ability to do new things).