In Memory of Guy Andrew

It should go without saying that it takes something special to put on a costume (of anything), go out in public, and make an attempt to brighten someone’s day.  It doesn’t matter if you’re dressed up as a Ghostbuster or Superman or Big Bird, people will point and stare at you, and some will inevitably crack jokes at your expense… it’s just human nature.

Guy did more than that, though.

Guy not only put the effort into putting together the full costume, he had all of the equipment, and he built the Ecto-13 and Ecto-13A out of two Jeep Cherokees that he didn’t just take to events and appearances– he took them to work, daily.

He brought with him a sense of pride in what he was and what he did that was unmatched.  And when a few people here and there inevitably laughed about it?  He shrugged and went on about his business, unabated, undeterred, and unapologetic.

His argument was that it didn’t matter how many people poked fun at grown men dressed up as fictional characters, the moment that you see a child who idolizes the Ghostbusters light up when you come into view, it makes it all worth it, and nothing can cast a shadow on that.  To bring a few minutes of joy to someone who will remember it for a lifetime is worth all of the teasing and ridicule in the world, because there is absolutely no shame to be found in it.

He always looked for ways to improve.

He wanted bigger and better.  He wanted to bring the “wow” factor, every time we showed up somewhere.  And yet, he never sought fame or fortune.  He never petitioned to be a headlining costumer at a convention or event.

At 5:38 this morning, Guy crossed over, following a lengthy and complicated hospital stay, due to complications with influenza.  It is no stretch to say that Guy was our very own Ray Stantz.  In every sense, he was the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Ghostbusters– always the first to make an event or appearance, always happy to answer questions and engage with people, and he never failed to embrace and encourage the excitement and curiosity that came from children and adults alike.

Guy touched a lot of lives, and will be dearly missed by those who loved him.  His love of Ghostbusters and helping others remains unmatched, and we were better for having him as a member and a friend.  To his family… we’re there for you.  Anything you may need, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Say hi to Egon for us, old man.  We’ll keep the coffee fresh and warm, until we see you again.