Some of the questions that we get asked the most is “Can I buy a patch?” or “Where can I get a t-shirt with your logo on it?”  In the past, these were always things that we only made available to our group’s members, at cost.  We’re not big on getting sued for copyright infringement or anything, especially when Sony has been so kind to us.  Not to mention, we’re not-for-profit.  That’s a pretty important thing to us.

However, the decision has recently been made that we can begin to make some merchandise available to the public, and use the funding to pay for things like our website, tables at conventions, and large group projects that inevitably help us get out there and help more people.  That being said, welcome to our new online store, where we will occasionally have things available for purchase!

Items usually get shipped once per week (usually on Fridays), and sorry, but we only cater to the United States for the time being.  International shipping is a massive headache.

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