Upcoming Appearance: Granbury Paranormal Expo

On September 29th and 30th, 2018, the Dallas/Fort Worth Ghostbusters will be in attendance of the Granbury Paranormal Expo on the Granbury Square Plaza!

This will be the seventh annual Granbury Paranormal Expo, happens to be an ultimate kick-off to the Halloween season, and is a fun and FREE event!  This year’s special guests include Corin Nemec, Author Tui Snider, Becky Vickers, Christopher R. Mihm, Willow Song, Tugg the Bull Terrier Puppy, and a ton of exhibitors.

We’ve definitely taken the majority of 2018 off, but this is one of the few appearances that we’ll be making between now and 2019, so be sure to be there!  Did we mention that it’s free?